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Engage, a division of CPTE Health Group, is a Medicare-certified provider of on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services. Seniors and residents of assisted living, memory care, and life communities throughout New England have placed their trust in us for over 30 years.

Our focus is on the unique needs of your community.

At Engage, we understand the importance of providing unparalleled care and support to the residents of your community. We provide innovative, results-driven, therapeutic techniques that optimize function and decrease frailty and falls. Therapy programs are designed specifically for each resident to achieve graceful aging with dignity and in a safe and comforting environment.

When you partner with Engage, we become members of your team by integrating our expert professional staff, therapy, and exercise services into your community.

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Fall Prevention

At Engage, helping our assisted living facilities reduce fall risks is top priority. We focus continuum of care on fall risk management and offer preventive programs, rehabilitation programs, screenings, and safety programs.

How Fall Prevention Works:

Programs Include:


F.A.L.L. Assessment Program – Engage supports the CDC approved mandatory state CARES Act and has created the Fall Assessment Logistic Log (F.A.L.L.) to assess and address fall risk. F.A.L.L. Assessment is a proactive approach to preventing falls, as well as intervening after a resident has experienced an acute fall.


Bed Enabler Assessment – In further support of the CARES Act, Engage offers this assessment and training. Learning how to get out of bed or how to help someone get out of bed safely are important tools that our therapy staff provides to every resident, family, and facility staff.


Movement and Mobility Classes – Through Engage’s senior fitness services, we provide classes to improve balance, mobility, awareness, and confidence building. This training will give your residents the tools to move with less risk and concern for falling.


Screenings – Engage therapists provide regularly scheduled screenings in various areas related to fall risk and fall prevention. Screenings include:

– Balance and Stability
– Posture
– Assisted Device Fittings


Safety Assessments – Engage Therapists will come to the resident’s apartment and conduct a home safety assessment to help them maintain a safe and efficient home.


Clinics – Engage offers clinics to educate residents through interaction.

– Using your assistive device safely and effectively
– Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) training and preparation
– Stretching
– Getting up off the floor


Presentations – Engage hosts a series of presentations by highly trained staff to educate people on the value and benefits of healthy activities and taking care of their body.

Physical Therapy:

When falls occur or if our therapists determine that there are musculoskeletal issues increasing the risk of a fall, we provide physical therapy services to reduce pain and increase function with the goal of making residents feel better, move better, and decrease fall risk

Mobility Plus:

Following physical therapy, Engage doesn’t stop with your care. Our job is to keep residents physically and mentally healthy ongoing, especially after therapy.


Mobility Plus – A post therapy exercise and movement program. As physical therapy is ending, an Engage exercise specialist will meet with the resident and physical therapist to develop an exercise and movement program that will be done at your apartment with the guidance of the exercise specialist. This private pay program will maintain and improve your functional mobility.

Our partnership with each facility is to provide the services and care to help your residents function better and have a better quality of life. We want to ensure you have a happy and motivated community.

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Let us be an extension of your care team. We will assist in helping you improve the overall health and wellness of your residents. Learn more about the advantages of partnering with Engage Senior Therapy.

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