Mobility Plus

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What is Mobility Plus?

At Engage, we value the health of our patients during and after therapy. This approach to patient health is part of our Continuum of Care philosophy. Engage has created a post therapy program called Mobility Plus which helps patients maintain the function they developed during therapy and to promote increased strength and endurance to improve or maintain their mobility.

Mobility Plus is a private pay program not covered by Medicare or other health insurance.


Approaching discharge

As physical or occupational therapy approaches discharge, the therapist with approval will review the patient’s functional program with an Engage exercise specialist. Together, they will create a tailored exercise and movement program.

Mobility Plus Sessions Scheduled

The exercise specialist will schedule 30-minute sessions with the patient. The sessions will be conducted one-on-one in the patient’s home, community exercise room, or other designated area.

Mobility Plus Sessions Reviewed

The exercise specialist will review progress with the therapist.